Terms Of Service

ObjectiveMy objective is to provide you, the commissioner, with an enjoyable experience while providing a quality service.You are able to reach me through the various forms of links on the main page directing you to my different forms of contact. My preferred way of contact is through telegram or email!After I have accepted the commission, the commissioner MUST provide me with the necessary details in a timely fashion. If you are looking for something very specific, this is a very important step. If any details are not provided, then there is a possibility that the image may not be exactly what you had in mind. Feel free to use any medium to communicate details, from written descriptions to photographs to example art.I am usually very lenient when it comes to changes or fixes, especially if it was my own fault. If it is for something that could of been asked of me to change in the sketch stage, then additional charges will be administered to make up for the loss time to go and fix the product.Copyright and UsageI retain all rights, including copyright, to any work that I create. Commissioners may not use my work for commercial or for-profit purposes without my explicit permission. The commissioner may also not remove my watermark under any circumstance unless given explicit permission. Most other forms of fair and personal use are freely offered, including linear colouring and personal printing, as per below.I reserve the right to post the final image on any of my personal galleries unless otherwise notified beforehand, which could then be subjected to additional cost.I am bound to follow any requests to take down / modify any work that contains characters or objects that are copyrighted to another individual or organization. Note that this means that you will be obligated to remove my work from any of your personal or commercial online and offline presences as well. Please ensure that you have permission to use all characters and/or objects that you wish to use in your commission.Quote & Waiting TimeIf there is any delay on your commission, you WILL BE NOTIFIED. You are welcome to poke me at anytime and ask about the status of your commission. I will happily answer any questions you may have.I work on commissions regularly, but real life stuff does happen. However I try to get commissions completed as soon as I can. Time does vary depending on the complexity of the image, so I can only offer an approximate turnaround time.However, to speed things up as quick as possible, it should be noted that the quicker the commissioner responds to my messages/notes and commission Works-in-progresses, the faster I will be able to work on the commission. I jump between commissions while waiting on responses. This means other images might get completed and posted before yours, but please understand that does not mean I haven't been working on your commission.If you wish to have an image completed by a specific deadline, PLEASE notify me during the initial commission request and we can work something out. I am allowed to choose if your request would be needing a rush charge which may range in prices.The commission will be considered accepted when first payment has been received.PaymentI require payment upfront unless previously discussed. For larger commissions, a payment plan can be accepted as long as we discuss the terms.Payment is done entirely through PayPal. The commissioner will be emailed a PayPal invoice. Alternative forms of payment may be discussed in advance, but I usually only work through PayPal.Phases & Revisions
Revisions during sketch phase:Commissioners are allowed 1 large revision for free. This can include revisions on anything in the image, as long as it does not require a complete redraw of the entire image. The commissioner can also request a reasonable amount of small revisions.Revisions during colour stage:Commissioners may no longer request a redraw or fixes that require edit to the lineart or initial drawing. Commissioners MAY request edits in colouring.If at any time there are any character or detail mistakes (Colour errors, marking mistakes, missed prop, etc.) on my part (i.e, discussed in advance when initially requesting the commission) They will of course be fixed free of charge, or a partial refund can be discussed.Final deliverable:For digital commissions, the commissioner will receive the final, high resolution image after I receive final payment (if applicable). I will provide you with a .PNG file which is the correct size to post on most platforms. If you wish to have the higher resolution file as a .PNG please ask me at the start of your commission.Files can either be sent via Telegram or Email. I only keep images for a total of 3 months before I get rid of the PSD file. Please make sure to save all images! I can also provide the .PSD file by request as long as the image is not altered in any way without my permission.Again, commissioners are welcome to post their commissions to any of their personal galleries so long as my watermark remains clearly on the image. A link to my gallery in a description or comment field would also be very much appreciated. Commissions may be printed for personal use only.(If applicable) MailingI can ship worldwide! There is a shipping fee to cover the cost of postage depending on what, where and how the commission is being sent. Please contact me to discuss mailing options.I can not be responsible for anything lost or damaged in the mail.Cancellations and RefundsI reserve the right to cancel a commission at any time. I also have the right to refuse a commission based on the subject matter and comfort level.Refunds CAN NOT be provided for completed work that has met details originally supplied to me. However if I have made an error, please let me know, we can discuss options, including a refund.Partial Refunds: If you wish to be refunded and I have already started working on your commission, you will be charged for the amount of completed work done on the commission and received said completed work.Will Not DrawCP/Beastiality is a hard no, don't even consider asking me. I will also not draw Mecha, and overly complicated backgrounds/characters. I am pretty open when it comes to fetish art. Just because I draw a certain kind of fetish art does not mean that I myself enjoy it though! If you think your fetish is a bit extreme and are not sure if I would draw it, just ask!Love To DrawI really love drawing feminine looking bodies as well as BBW/M. Candy gore/gore, in general, is a favorite of mine. Maws/paws are a hard yes and chances are I'll love any idea you commission me to draw! I would like to practice backgrounds more, so watery/forest scenes are my specialty.Thank you for taking the time to read!